Advanced Tableau Visualizations


Basic Visualizations

Tableau is a very powerful Viz platform. It’s easy to make individual charts and tables interact with one another, and it supports lots of great types of charts out-of-the-box.

Here’s a quick overview of the standard chart types Tableau offers:

  • Heatmap
  • Bar/Line/Area Chart
  • Map
  • Pie Chart
  • Treemap
  • Circle View
  • Scatterplot
  • Histogram
  • Box-and-Whisker
  • Gantt
  • Bullet
  • Packed Bubbles

I’m not going to go into detail about any of these chart types.  These are all well documented elsewhere and you should have no trouble learning how to use them.

Advanced Visualizations

I’m beginning a directory of some advanced Visualizations you can build, along with examples or tutorials of each. This is for Dashboard designers when they need some inspiration on how to make a dataset tell a story.

Note: this is a work in progress. I’m not intending to list every use case, or go into detail about every variation of a given type.


Tableau Sparklines


Sankey Diagrams

Sankey Diagrams in Tableau

Gold Market 2013 Sankey


Bump Chart

Tableau Bump Charts


Strip Plot

Tableau Strip Plot




#TweakThursday 4: Tooltips with Bar Chart

A blog about data analysis and visualization using Tableau. Public data analysis. Tableau tips and tricks.

#TweakThursday 4: Tooltips with Bar Chart

A blog about data analysis and visualization using Tableau. Public data analysis. Tableau tips and tricks.


Data + Tableau + Me: More ASCII and String Charts in Tableau

ASCII and String Chart Madness In the spirit of creativity and thinking outside of the box, here are some charts you can make in Tableau using ASCII Characters and String Manipulations. As a refresher, here is the basic formula. 1. A calculated field/parameter containing a series of ASCII Unicode Blocks : [BAR] 2.


Slopegraphs Tutorial by Ben Jones
Slopegraphs by Alex Kerin
Slopegraphs in 5 Steps by Andy Kriebel
Slopegraphs (Video) by Andy Kriebel



Spray Chart from the Data School

Barcode Chart from Data+Science


Network Graph

Social Network Graph by Bethany Lyon

Dynamic Scatterplot by Simona Loffredo

Creating a Lollipop Chart by Andy Kriebel
Creating a Lollipop Chart- How to (with Viz and Video) by Andy Kriebel

Dual Axis Chart with Overlapping Bars and a Line by Andy Kriebel
Moving Reference Line by Andy Kriebel
Dashed Lines by Michael Kane
Panel Charts by Andy Cotgreave
Panel Charts Improved by Joe Mako
How to Make Donut Charts by Ryan Sleeper
KPI donut charts by Andy Kriebel
Radial Bar Charts by Dave Hart
Radial Trees by Chris DeMartini
Radar Chart by Andrew Ball
Sparkbars with Information at the End by Andy Kriebel
Arrow Chart by Joe Mako
Marimekko Charts by Rob Austin
Network Graphs with NodeXL by Allan Walker
Parallel Coordinates by Joe Mako
Decision Trees, Flow Diagrams and Sankeys by Olivier Catherin

Venn Diagram by Jeffrey Shaffer
Bursting a Bubble Chart by Jeffrey Shaffer
Box, Whiskers and Jitter by Steve Wexler
Jitter – How To by Steve Wexler
Methods for Creating Jitter by Jeffrey Shaffer
Improving Jitter with Hidden Random() by Mark Jackson
How to Create Bullet Charts by Ryan Sleeper
How to Create Small Multiples by Ryan Sleeper
How to Create a Small Multiple Masterpiece in Tableau by Jim Wahl
How to Create Sparklines by Ryan Sleeper
Circular and Hive Plot Network Graphing by Chris Demartini
Dynamic Histogram Over Time by Alexander Mou
Tinkering with Shapes & Tree Maps (Indicators) by Shawn Wallwork
Combining a line chart with pie charts in Tableau – LODs (or table calculations) in action by M2. Technology
Time to Get Hopping with Jump Plot by Chris DeMartini and Tom VanBuskirk

Jump Plot by Adam McCann
Circular and Hive Plot Network Graphing in Tableau by Chris DeMartini
DIY Chord Diagrams in Tableau by Noah Salvaterra

Show Me How: Box-and-whisker plot by Laszlo Zsom
How to Create DNA Charts by Andy Kriebel
How to Make Hover Graphs by Anuka Teggart


How to Compare Two Date Ranges on One Axis by Ryan Sleeper
Allow Users to Choose Measures and Dimensions by Ryan Sleeper
How to Make Line Charts That Pop by Andy Kriebel
Background Images, Customizing Object Locations & Images Inside Donuts by Andy Kriebel
Visualizing Time on a Clock in Tableau by Jeffrey Shaffer
Dynamic Small Multiples in Tableau by Chris DeMartini
How to Create a Horizon Chart to Display Dense Data by Yvan Fornes
How to Use Actions To “Reset” a Chart to the Most Recent Date by Andy Kriebel
How to Display KPIs Next to Bars by Andy Kriebel
How to Allow a User to Zoom in on an Axis by Andy Kriebel
How to Conditionally Format Discrete Rows by Andy Kriebel
Learning Tableau Blog – Various Chart Types Explained by Charlie Hutcheson

Funnel Chart
Horizon Chart
Waterfall Chart

Comparison Gantt
Hub and Spoke
Proportional Brushing

Big credit to Jeffrey Shaffer @ DataPlusScience for assembling a great list!


Did I miss a chart type worthy of inclusion? Let me know in the comments!

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