Bump Chart by Matt Chambers

Tableau Bump Charts

This is part of my series on Advanced Tableau Visualizations. What is a Bump chart (also known as a Rank chart)? Here is a Junkcharts article called “Bump chart goes mainstream” …

Find hidden insights in your data: Ask why and why again | @acotgreave

We’ve all encountered a curious little kid who wouldn’t stop asking “why.” But did you ever think that, in the business world, you should actually aim to be that kid? That’s because people — whether we’re talking about children, journalists, scientists, managers or data analysts — don’t succeed by simply asking “what.”


Growing up is irritating, boring at times, and full of responsibilities. The need to consider all sides of an argument and not rush to change the world at every step, moving slowly (if required) in order to not break things, and developing empathy are all qualities that are valued in a mature organizational setting, but so difficult to inculcate for the most of us – me included.

But that’s the reality of the large enterprise world. Things can be ‘cool’ and ‘hip’, but not at the cost of ‘stable’ and ‘scalable’. Brevity and engagement, but not at the cost of clarity and functionality.

When Big Data Means Bad Analytics

When analytics delivers disappointing results, it is often because there is not enough analytic expertise, and/or lack of understanding of a business objectives for using Big Data in the first place. To avoid failure, insist on high standards.

How to Auto-Generate 50 State Maps in Tableau

Recently I fell in love with the small-multiples types of graphs that show each individual state level metrics separated into a grid-style layout. Being the data hacker that I am, I decided to use my rusty JavaScript skills to auto-generate 50 individual state-level maps from one Tableau viz.
Here’s how I did it