Lessons from the Server Admin Showcase at TC16 | Tableau Software

At TC16, a group of IT-loving, Tableau Server-using enthusiasts gathered for the inaugural Server Admin Showcase & Customer Panel.

“We want to empower the business to be successful, and we don’t want IT to be a roadblock. As server admins, we can help end users be more successful and make that a seamless process,” said Michael Perillo of Charles Schwab.

Regardless of experience, every admin—accidental or not—seeks out and learns new technical skills all the time.


Over 13,000 data enthusiasts gathered this past week at a sold-out Tableau Conference 2016. After facing a challenging, much more intensely competitive market this year, Tableau openly shared a vision for the future analytical flow of data. This year they surprised me. As the event wraps up, I have been pondering the announcements, industry analyst briefings, staff, customer and partner conversations, and overall experience. In this article, I’ll share the key announcements, interesting tid bits, and my top event takeaways.

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Russell’s Rules For Using TabJolt against Tableau Server – Tableau Love

With a new release of TabJolt hitting github and several TabJolt-related sessions about to kick off at TC16, I have TabJolt on the brain.

While TabJolt is incredibly easy to use compared to “high end” tools such as LoadRunner, you can still make mistakes. It actually is fairly common for new TabJolters to fall into one or more “newbie traps” . Once you’ve taken a few of the lumps detailed below, you will likely (unnecessarily) freak yourself out. You will lose weight, grow very pale, and your dog will cease to recognize you. Don’t be this guy.

In the spirit of TabJolt happiness here are some things to keep in mind:


Your goal is to understand how Tableau will behave at scale. Fine…it should be “your scale”, however. When you test with TabJolt, attempt to recreate a test that you think will be reasonably close to how your users will leverage Tableau:

Vizception: Viz in a viz & native d3.js integration on Tableau Server | DataBlick

Originating with the work that Tamas Foldi has done and building some real examples out from there. Tamas pinged me on Twitter with the idea and we were on our way. Please be sure to take a look at his post as well, found here.
We wanted to show a real example of how to bring more to Tableau Server without additional hardware or hosting needed. That’s right, no additional server purchase requisition requests needed. There are really too many use cases to count when it comes to this, the details herein are only the tip of the iceberg.
We had a few short discussions and landed on the following example. This includes not only native d3.js integration but also an example of viz in a viz (in a viz) on Tableau Server. As a starting point, we used the twitter network graphs that Keith Helfrich and I recently shared, which were showcased on the Tableau blog last month.

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Tableau releases scripted, customizable unattended Server installs! – Tableau Love


We are excited to announce that we now support unattended installs and upgrades of Tableau Server as part of Tableau 10.1 Beta 2.  No more sitting at your computer manually clicking through the Tableau Server install wizard; you can simply provide the configuration, licensing, and registration information specific to your installation in a script and off you go.  Grab a cup of coffee and come back to a newly installed and running Tableau Server.