Bump Chart by Matt Chambers

Tableau Bump Charts

This is part of my series on Advanced Tableau Visualizations. What is a Bump chart (also known as a Rank chart)? Here is a Junkcharts article called “Bump chart goes mainstream” …

Test 1 of Tableau Vs Power BI: Topographic Mapping | @3danim8

While Ben is off learning about Microsoft Azure and implementing PBI on actual project work, I have decided to run a number of test cases that compare Tableau to Power BI using data that I happen to have on-hand.

One of my goals is to keep the evaluations concise, while at the same time demonstrating software performance, features and capabilities. Although I am not explicitly including Alteryx in this particular evaluation, there is a nice workflow shown in this article (in the included video) that I developed tonight to reduce a big geospatial data set down to a more manageable size for this testing.

Find hidden insights in your data: Ask why and why again | @acotgreave

We’ve all encountered a curious little kid who wouldn’t stop asking “why.” But did you ever think that, in the business world, you should actually aim to be that kid? That’s because people — whether we’re talking about children, journalists, scientists, managers or data analysts — don’t succeed by simply asking “what.”


Growing up is irritating, boring at times, and full of responsibilities. The need to consider all sides of an argument and not rush to change the world at every step, moving slowly (if required) in order to not break things, and developing empathy are all qualities that are valued in a mature organizational setting, but so difficult to inculcate for the most of us – me included.

But that’s the reality of the large enterprise world. Things can be ‘cool’ and ‘hip’, but not at the cost of ‘stable’ and ‘scalable’. Brevity and engagement, but not at the cost of clarity and functionality.

Lessons from the Server Admin Showcase at TC16 | Tableau Software

At TC16, a group of IT-loving, Tableau Server-using enthusiasts gathered for the inaugural Server Admin Showcase & Customer Panel.

“We want to empower the business to be successful, and we don’t want IT to be a roadblock. As server admins, we can help end users be more successful and make that a seamless process,” said Michael Perillo of Charles Schwab.

Regardless of experience, every admin—accidental or not—seeks out and learns new technical skills all the time.