Bump Chart by Matt Chambers

Tableau Bump Charts

This is part of my series on Advanced Tableau Visualizations. What is a Bump chart (also known as a Rank chart)? Here is a Junkcharts article called “Bump chart goes mainstream” …

How to Auto-Generate 50 State Maps in Tableau

Recently I fell in love with the small-multiples types of graphs that show each individual state level metrics separated into a grid-style layout. Being the data hacker that I am, I decided to use my rusty JavaScript skills to auto-generate 50 individual state-level maps from one Tableau viz.
Here’s how I did it

How to Label Bin Ranges in Tableau — Les Viz

Histograms are great for helping us understand distributions of data, but Tableau currently doesn’t allow for the ability to label the upper and lower bounds of bins ranges.

Much thanks to Rob Suddaby for asking this question and to Robin Kennedy for his great answer.

Radial Stacked Bar Charts in Tableau | Ryan K Rowland

Once completed, you’ll have the option of displaying your bar chart as absolute values (bottom-right), or as a percent of each segment’s total (left).

The size of the bars, inner circle and gaps between each bar will be adjustable as you see fit per parameters we’ll create.

Click here to view the interactive version on Tableau Public.


Welcome all, to my first ever blog post!

The past couple of weeks I’ve been taking part in a great Tableau community project called #MakeoverMonday. This week’s challenge was to create a visualisation based on the daily opinion polls for the US 2016 election, for which I submitted this (Click image to open interactive version).

Sparkline Twitter - © Edward Tufte

Tableau Sparklines

Tableau Sparklines This is part of my series on Advanced Tableau Visualizations. What they are for: Display a simple, succinct time series of multiple dimensions Save space by omitting axes …