Data Driven Culture Meet Data Driven Business – Samir Sharma

Data doesn’t have to be this hard!

“Overall, 43 percent of companies surveyed “obtain little tangible benefit from their information,” while 23 percent “derive no benefit whatsoever,” according to the study.”

Data Driven Culture Meet Data Driven Business – are we failing to adopt data into our organisations?

Change in organisations isn’t new, it’s been happening for decades now. In particular change that occurs due to a new form of technology that will make the organisation more efficient, processes streamlined, the people more collaborative etc.

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Eric Axelrod

President & Chief Architect at DIGR
I have helped companies bring new data driven products to market, drive efficiency out of their supply chain, execute strategic plans, and drive top line and bottom line growth by enabling every business function with actionable analytics. I can transform a business which is lacking critical insight into an agile, strategic, data driven organization.

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