Data Visualisation Literacy – Learning to See

Data Visualisation Literacy: Learning to See

Few of us have ever been taught how to effectively and efficiently read charts and graphics. Many of us have probably never even thought about it.

We tend to get by through exposure and repetition, gradually becoming more familiar with different approaches. The prospect of reading a bar chart as well as the pie and line charts is consequently quite a straightforward proposition for many. However, there are many more ways of visually portraying data beyond these classic three methods that are increasingly being used in a mainstream setting.

Developing one’s visualisation literacy is not just about creating more effective visualisations but also being better at reading them. To write well, you must also be able to read well. In this talk Andy will outline some tactics and approaches to get the most out of the experience of consuming a visualisation. He will integrate the key findings to emerge from his recent research activity with the University of Sheffield on the ‘Seeing Data’ project, looking at the human and design factors that influence engagement and effectiveness.

What do we need to do as creators of visualisations to ensure we optimise the viewing experience? Join us for this on-demand session and find out.

Link to Recorded Webinar

Data Visualisation Literacy – Learning to See

Andy Kirk’s 2015 Webinar hosted by Tableau.

Talk slides from second Tableau 2015 webinar – Visualising Data

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being invited back by Tableau to deliver a second webinar of this year. The talk was titled ‘Data Visualisation Literacy: Learning to See’ and I discussed some of the findings and reflections from our work on the Seeing Data project.



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