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It’s NOT the Stork: Where Tests Come From

In this first post on how we test software at Quid, my aim is to tease out different layers of testing built into our development process, and to call out when, where and how tests should be added, and most importantly, who should come up with them.

The biggest problem with testing is not doing any. To quote the Google SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) team mantra, “Hope is not a strategy”. If you didn’t test your feature / service / API / function, I’ll bet you good money that it’s buggy in ways that matter. If you tested it once when you built it, but don’t have it covered by a regression suite executing in your CI (Continuous Integration) framework, I’ll bet that it’s broken by now. You could proceed to run the code in production anyway, and pay the price in escalations from the field that take up valuable engineering time, support calls, and loss of users due to dissatisfaction with quality.

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