The Tableau Disruption

Old-school Business Intelligence

We didn’t start using Tableau thinking it was going to be the Next Big Thing.  If you had asked 5 years ago if we thought it was going to knock all of the legacy vendors out of the MQ and disrupt the market we would have called you crazy.  Enterprise BI solutions have been very expensive to deploy and tend to have unusual longevity within the Enterprise, on par with core operational systems.  You can’t just come in and change all that, right?

The next big thing

But it happened, and now Tableau is the clear leader.  And no one saw what mature Tableau organizations would be able to do with Agile & self-service BI until it happened. This is where we can take a BI project that used to take 18-24 months doing it with waterfall methodology using legacy tools and do it in Tableau with agile methodology in a matter of weeks.

We now live in the world that industry Analysts and CEOs have been dreaming about since 1990.
I have been going to market as a platform-agnostic solutions provider, but 95% of my business comes to me organically (no marketing) looking for help with Tableau. So that kind of made my decision for me.


Fully managed Tableau services, from Architecture to Design to Administration.  We also bring our custom Tableau toolkit for managing your environment.